Grooming Prices

* Cut and trim prices do not include bath and nail trim

Bathing and nail trim


  • small dog    15.00
  • large dog    25.00
  • Cat               40.00



  • Clip                10.00
  • Grind              15.00
  • Cat claw caps 25.00


Cuts and styles

Puppy cutSummer cut- Teddy Bear - Doodle Due

  • small dog     30.00
  • Large dog     40.00


  • Medium to Large brush out and cut ( Austrailian Shephard, Border Collie, small Golden retriever, Springer Spaniel) 


  • Large  to Extra large brush out and cut (Large Golden Retriever, Rough Collie, Samoyed, Great Pyrenees, Bernese Mt dog, Old English sheep, Saint Bernard, New Foundland) 

45.00 to 65.00


Size Chart

Small dog-  Up to 25 pounds

Large Dog- 26 to 95 pounds

Extra Large- 96 pounds and up

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